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Starlit Luxe Proposal at The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas 


Indulge in romance and luxury with an exquisitely planned marriage proposal at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas, nestled in the heart of the captivating Caribbean. From the moment you step onto the pristine, white sandy shores, every detail of this opulent proposal is meticulously curated to envelop you in a world of elegance, love, and unforgettable memories. Embrace the enchanting Caribbean sunset as the backdrop to your magical moment, with a symphony of fine dining, private serenades, and celebratory fireworks painting the start of your forever journey together.

Personal Concierge: The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas offers a personal concierge who will happily assist you with planning and ensuring everything goes smoothly, including referring an on-island photographer to capture the moment your partner says, “Yes!”

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Day 1: Arrive in Style

Today Includes:

Morning: Arrive in style at Cyril E. King International Airport, where a luxurious limousine awaits to transfer you to The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas. Your top-tier suite has a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Evening: Indulge in an intimate dinner at Alloro restaurant, where the flavors of Sicily come to life in meticulously prepared dishes.

Day 2: The Day of Proposal

Today Includes:

Spa Morning
Begin your day with a relaxing couple’s spa treatment to ease any nerves and set a romantic tone for the day.

Beach and Pool Relaxation
After your relaxing spa treatments, it’s time to spend some time at the beach and pool. Mid-afternoon, head back up to your suite and change for the special evening ahead.

The Proposal Setting

  • Beachfront Dinner: As the sun sets, lead your partner to a secluded part of the beach where a private table is set up elegantly with fine china, crystal glassware, and a canopy of fairy lights.

  • Floral Paradise: The area around your table will be adorned with roses and exotic flowers, creating a path leading to the proposal spot.

  • Personal Musician: The hotel concierge will happily assist with arranging a violinist or a small string quartet to play your partner’s favorite romantic tunes as the backdrop to your beachfront dinner.

The Magic Moment

  • Fireworks Display: As you get down on one knee, cue a small fireworks display or a sky full of released lanterns to mark the magical moment.

  • Celebration: Following the joyful ‘Yes!’, enjoy a specially curated five-course meal under the stars, accompanied by the finest champagne.

  • Overnight Celebration: Return to your suite, transformed into a romantic haven with rose petals, champagne, and a curated selection of desserts.

Day 3: Sky to Sea Romance

Today’s Spectacular Highlights Include:

Morning: Sky-High Love

  • Enjoy a delightful breakfast in bed featuring a blend of local and international delicacies to fuel your exciting day.

  • Depart for your private helicopter tour. Soar over the enchanting vistas of St. Thomas and neighboring islands, capturing the expansive Caribbean Sea from a bird’s eye view. This exhilarating experience offers a unique perspective of the island’s beauty, igniting the adventurous spirit within both of you.

Afternoon: Leisure and Exploration

  • Return to the resort and spend a leisurely afternoon at your own pace. Perhaps relax by the pool, explore the resort’s amenities, or venture into the local town to soak up some culture and do a little shopping.

  • Treat yourselves to a light lunch at one of the resort’s premier restaurants, indulging in fresh, gourmet dishes that tantalize your taste buds.

Evening: Sunset Sail of Love

  • Board your private yacht and set sail on the calm Caribbean waters as the sun begins its gentle descent, painting the sky with pink, orange, and gold hues.

  • Enjoy a romantic dinner on deck under the emerging stars. A private chef caters to your culinary desires with a bespoke menu, ensuring a delectable dining experience as you gently glide along the serene waters.

  • As night envelopes the sea, relax on the deck with a glass of champagne, reminiscing about the day’s adventures and dreaming of the beautiful days ahead.

Night: Starlit Serenity

  • Return to the resort and retreat to the comfort of your luxurious suite. Perhaps enjoy a nightcap on your private balcony, gazing at the stars and celebrating the love that brought you to this magical island paradise.

This day seamlessly blends thrilling adventure with serene romance, creating an experience you’ll treasure forever.

Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas

Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, The Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas is a pinnacle of luxury encapsulated within a breathtaking 30-acre oceanfront estate. Here, you’ll find a beautiful blend of traditional island architecture and modern-day comforts, a hallmark of the Ritz-Carlton brand. Having undergone a significant redesign and renovation, this five-star haven reopened in November 2019, inviting you to an array of enticing amenities. From an on-site aquatic center and a 55-foot catamaran to four exquisite on-site restaurants, every aspect of this family-friendly beachfront resort beckons with a promise of unforgettable experiences.

As you traverse the culinary landscape on offer, start your day with a tropical breakfast at Bleuwater, enjoy a beachside lunch at Sails, delve into Caribbean flavors at Coconut Cove, and end your evening with a Sicilian dinner at Alloro. The hotel’s high scores on service, rooms, and overall experience, as reviewed on a 20-point scale by the Michelin Guide, showcase a commitment to excellence that enhances your luxurious retreat.



WedLuxe Experiences are completely customizable and can be tailored to your group’s needs, interests and wishes by a WedLuxe Travel Concierge.

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